8.04.2009 suomenmusiikki kirjoitti:

Amberian Dawn


Amberian Dawn are back with a new album ”The Clouds of Northland Thunder”. Following quickly from the success of their début ”River of Tuoni”, Amberian Dawn have honed their trademark sound with expert precision, making a highly polished slab of symphonic metal that is sure to be heralded as a future classic by fans of the genre.

The band have worked hard between releases, most notably playing as main support on the last European tour with Epica, covering most territories, as well as a successful headline show in London and supporting the likes of Kamelot and Evergrey.

”The Clouds of Northland Thunder” sees the band taking a slightly more aggressive approach in terms of speed, but never forgetting the strong choruses and hook lines integral to the overall sound. The musicality is taken up another notch, with all musicians at the top of their craft. The band’s live performances have proved that the band are more than able to hold their own against the biggest names in the scene, with Heidi Parviainen flawless soprano singing proving her to be amongst the most accomplished vocalists out there.

Keyboard / guitar player Tuomas Seppälä is the musical composer, his bombastic approach to songwriting proving stronger than ever and vocalist Heidi Parviainen adds the finishing touch to the songs with her lyrics. Kasperi Heikkinen plays second guitar, Tommi Kuri bass and Joonas Pykälä-aho is on the drums. Emil Pohjalainen joined Amberian Dawn on guitar after this album was recorded.

This is a great album from a confident band playing at the top of their game and one sure to build on the success of the début in every respect. With shows already booked for the Sweden Rock and Belgium’s MFVF festivals and with much more on the way, 2009 will see the band rising ever upwards.