7.07.2009 suomenmusiikki kirjoitti:


Mannan ”Some Girls / Some Boys” sinkku on saanut innostuneen vastaanoton blogimaailmassa. Robot Pigeon kehuu sitä seuraavasti:

”Manna, she feels like a woman. Sorry about that headline. It was either that or ’Manna from Heaven’ and we’re not really the religious sort… Anyway, we could have possibly avoided all the puns and just opened with the following:

photo by Mikko Ryhänen

photo by Mikko Ryhänen

By pop, we don’t mean that ’Some Girls / Some Boys’ by Manna is anything like The Saturdays or Tinchy Stryder, it’s more like The Kills or Ladyhawke. She’s from Finland, so we’ll call her ’the Finnish Ladyhawke’ and see if it sticks.

Her single (and only song on her MySpace) is a completely and utterly brilliant, life-affirming piece of pop amazingness which is as equally influenced by The Rolling Stones as it is Madonna. It’s as rock and roll as it is pop as it is danceable. There are ten million different things going on between the beginning and the 3.39 close but most notable of all are a fan-bloody-tastic tune and the several hundred hooks throughout the song.

The picture above shows the ’life-affirming’ influence of the song on Manna herself. She looks pretty pleased about things as you can see. We think she’s doing semaphore for ’great pop artist’ or indicating that the time at the next DONG will be 11 o clock.

’Some Girls / Some Boys’ is totally incredible and possibly one of our favourite songs of summer 2009. It’s out in Finland now. Hopefully picked up by a clever record label in the UK at a later date.”