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The Real Group

The Real Group is a groundbreaking vocal group with its base in Sweden. With the voice as their sole instrument they have created a unique musical expression in the field between jazz, pop and Nordic European choir music. The group has been touring the world for more than 28 years. The combination of perfection and personal touch along with original songs have made them accessible to  music enthusiasts in general as well as to the more demanding ear.

In 1989 the group graduated from The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm with the highest degree. Since then they have  often been asked to perform at prestigious  official events along with their regular concerts. Such an event was the Swedish governments wedding gift to the Crown Princess in the form of a gala  concert. The group also sang at the opening of the Fifa world cup in South Korea and Japan. As well as at several Statevisits.

Their wide repertoire  has made it possible for the group to collaborate with symphony orchestras, jazz groups, pop bands and artists such as Barbara Hendricks, Toots Thielemans and sir George Martin.

The Real Group has made 16 cd´s in their own name. They have produced their own concert tours, TV programs and been artistic directors  for an A Cappella Festival in Seoul, South Korea. During 2009  they started developing the online educational site ”The Real Group Academy”. 2012 the group is touring  in South Africa, U.S.A , South Korea, Japan and of course all over Europe. The Real Group Festival took  place in Stockholm August 2012 and was a great success with visitors from 20 different countries. Towards the end of 2012 a  new Christmas cd will be released on Universal Music.

The members are:
Emma Nilsdotter
Kerstin Ryhed – Lundin (substitute for Emma)
Katarina Henryson
Anders Edenroth
Morten Vinther
Anders Jalkéus


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